West Side Jin Sei Ryu offers both a kids karate program and an adult karate program. 

Kids Program

In our kids program, your child can participate in age-specific classes:

  • Pee Wees (4 – 5yo)
  • Juniors (6 – 8yo)
  • Youth (9 – 14yo)

Each class focuses on different aspects of development that will help your child in other areas of life.  In addition to strength, stamina, balance, and speed, we build confidence, discipline, and self respect. 

COVID-19 Update

With the school year looking very different this fall, and after school activities and organized sports being cancelled across the country, it’s more important than ever before that we find ways to keep our children active, healthy, and engaged. West Side Jin Sei Ryu is now offering a comprehensive online karate program that will keep your child focused and fit in a fun and safe way.  We are also holding a number of safe, socially distanced park training events on the weekends in Central Park and Prospect Park, weather permitting. (Masks required). Please see our Class Schedule for more information, or contact Shuseki Shihan Mel Ramsey at with any questions. 

Adult Program

The class schedule and structure of our adult program has been developed over many years in order to help students progress through the ranks at their own pace and reflective of their individual level of maturity and physical capability.  We have had students in our adult karate program from 16 to 80 years of age!  We offer a comprehensive mix of classes including basic techniques, conditioning, and calisthenics, as well as awareness and self defense, meditation, kata (forms), point system and contact kumite (fighting strategy). 

COVID-19 Update

To keep our students safe, we have moved our adult program online during the global pandemic. We are offering a flexible class schedule that allows our students to contain training even during these challenging times.  Morning, lunch-time, evening, and weekend classes available. We are also holding socially distanced park training events for the adults in Central Park and Prospect Park, weather permitting. (Masks required).